What People Say About Working with D. Kirkhoff Brainard

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Multifaceted Content Developer and Marketer

I have worked with D. Kirkhoff Brainard for more than five years, both as a client, and as a partner in building out web communities and coursework for corporate and personal training. D.K. is an amazing talent who can crystallize vision and bring it to life in all sorts of engaging ways from complex, multi-media personal development coursework to blog posts, tweets, podcasts, video, and music. As a seasoned trainer in human development, his ability to comprehend how to teach deep psychological techniques to humans is quite unique. But what's even more powerful to me as a marketer is his ability to also package his work in a way that sells. I truly value his unique blend of deep insights into human behavior, expansive creativity, and exceptional project management skills to bring some of the best content I've experienced to life. Not only is he good at his chosen profession but he is an amazing human being that I'm proud to call a friend and colleague. I am looking forward to the next chance I have to work with him. 

- Mary Gilbert, Head of Strategy, eBay Enterprise

The Results Speak for Themselves

When I decided to create a blog presence for my law firm, I had three main goals: (1) increase the public presence of my law firm, (2) educate professionals and the public, and (2) propose humane solutions to key Louisiana and national policy issues in the field of workers' compensation law.

I've been a fan of Kirkhoff's writing for many years. The man is a true generalist, and I mean that in the highest sense of the word. He can, as he says, write about anything. So, while I knew he was not familiar with the arcana of workers' compensation law, I also knew he would pick it up quickly.

As I suspected, Kirkhoff found fresh angles on these issues that resonated with readers and made our work stand out from the competition - all while respecting my 'voice' and 'minding the details' of our research.

The results have been outstanding. Three of our blog posts were republished on the influential Louisiana Comp Blog, significantly raising our profile locally and throughout the State of Louisiana.

Our long-form research and opinion article on the opioid crisis was published in the Summer 2016 edition Workers' First Watch (a leading worker's compensation law journal) and the newsletter published by the National Association of Workers' Compensation Judiciary. I've also been invited to speak on the opioid crisis and workers' compensation law at several seminars, including a national conference in New York City.

In short, I highly recommend D. Kirkhoff Brainard for your next writing project.

- Gregory J. Hubachek, Worker's Compensation LLC, Metairie, Louisiana